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Trumpet + Flugelhorn


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CD Release „Volume 1“ Christian Kappe & Cru Sauvage with Burkhard Jasper and Kai Brückner, labeled by Musicom Music

Concerts with the Trilok Gurtu Band „Spellbound“, Barbara Dennerlein & Bebab, Tim Sund & TME (DVD Live – Recording), Cru Sauvage and others in several countries

1. price for the Youth Jazz Orchestra UniJAZZity at the Philhamonic Hall in Essen winning a CD production


Touring with Trilok Gurtu Band „Spellbound“ (Trilok Gurtu -   Percussion, Christian Kappe - trumpet, Jonathan Cuniado – bass, Jesse Milliner / Sabri Tulug Tirpan – piano) travelling to Brazil, Rumania, France and Germany

CD – production Christian Kappe & Cru Sauvage with Burkhard Jasper and Kai Brückner

CD Release „More Short Stories“ by the Brenken – Kappe Quartet with Marc Brenken, Alex Morsey and Marcus Rieck

1. price for the Youth Jazz Orchestra UniJAZZity at the competition of „Jugend jazzt“ NRW

Concerts with various ensembles as the Barbara Dennerlein Band, the Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Tim Sund & TME (DVD Live Mitschnitt) and others

Stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for recreation and music in winter 2014/15


CD Production with the Marc Brenken - Christian Kappe Quartett with Alex Morsey und Marcus Rieck (winner of the 1. Jazzpreis Ruhr)
Participation Münsterland Festival with "Kristina Fuchs (Switzerland) meets Christian Kappe & Cru Sauvage" and further Festivals
Various concerts with different bands like the Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Eda Zari Band, Barbara Dennerlein Band, Tim Sund & The Mightiest Ever", Eva Mayerhofer Band, Anke Jochmaring Band and own bands with Christof Griese, Marc Brenken, Kai Brückner und Burkhard Jasper
Numerous Jazz Workshops with the Jugendjazzorchester Münsterland UniJAZZity as in Berlin, Ibbenbüren, Gladbeck und Beckum


CD – release "Tim Sund & The Mightiest Ever" with Valentin Gregor, Lars Guehlke & Kai Schoenburg

Christian Kappe & Cru Sauvage meets Chris Higginbottom & Sam Lasserson (London, GB)

TV production (WDR) "Zimmer frei" with Goetz Alsmann & Sabine Westermann playing with "Zimmer frei – Kurorchester"

The Youth Jazz Orchestra UniJAZZity Münsterland wins the 1st price at the competition "Jugend jazzt NRW" 2012

The Christian Kappe Jazz-ensemble wins the special award at the competition "Vocal plus" at the College of Music Münster



move to Cologne, Germany

Marc Brenken – Christian Kappe Quartet with Alex Morsey & Marcus Rieck wins the 1. Jazz Ruhr price 2011

production at RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg in Berlin

workshop at JIB (Jazz-Institut-Berlin) with Peter Weniger, Ed Partyka, Christof Griese & Niko Schauble

International Jazzfest Muenster with Bobby Previte (New York) as other festivals with own groups, Barbara Dennerlein, Joerg Achim Keller (NDR Big Band) a.o.



"Jazz plays Europe" with Kristina Fuchs "Im Roeseligarte" & Christian Kappe & Marc Brenken Quartett with Jeroen Van Vliet, Mete Erker, Alex Morsey & Marcus Rieck playing concerts at Bimhuis, Amsterdam a.o.

formation of "Christian Kappe & Cru Sauvage" with Burkhard Jasper & Kai Brueckner

CD – productionen with Klaus Fey & Streetscenes, Stephanie K., Felix Elsner a.o.

WDR TV – productions: "Vuvuzela / FiFA WM 2010" a.o.


seit 2009 Christian has been the musical director of "UniJazzity" KJO Muensterland
seit 2009 Christian has been teaching at the College of Music / University of Muenster

CD - production at the RBB and concerts with the Niko Schaeuble - Adrian Sherriff Sextett (Australia / Germany). Pianist Tim Sund (Berlin) sets up his new group "The Migthiest Ever"

concert tour to Moskow / Russia with Barbara Dennerlein, concerts with Marc Brenken, Christof Griese and guest appearances in concerts / on CD with Stephanie K., Ansgar Specht, Achim Kueck, Joerg - Achim Keller (NDR Big Band) and others

CD - release "Lyrik & Jazz / Peter Ruehmkorf" Hoffmann & Campe / ECM featuring Ruehmkorf with among others Eberhard Weber, Nichael Naura and the WAF Jazz Ensemble



Playing on Jazz festivals with Jasper van't Hof & Hotlips (with Jasper van't Hof, Tony Lakatos, Annie Whitehead, Eric van der Westen & Moritz Mueller) in Madrid, Luxemburg, Wuerzburg (Live - broadcast by HR & BR), Essen, Rottweil and Worms

CD – production „Floating", Griese – Kappe Quintet with Johannes Kersthold, Dirk Strakhof & Rainer Winch at Radio Berlin – Brandenburg at „Kleiner Sendesaal", Berlin

CD – Live – recording „Poetry & Jazz: August Stramm" with Andreas Ramstein & Marc Brenken and CD – production „Cosmic Waltz" with Hans-Martin Limberg

duo- und trio – concerts with Barbara Dennerlein and various projects with Tim Sund & Michael Kersting, Julia Huelsmann, Gregor Hilden, Burkhard Jasper & Nico Schaeuble, Tal Balshai, Heiner Kleinjohann & Maria de Fatima, Johannes Gunkel & John Schroeder

teaching at workshops in Berlin, Gladbeck, Ibbenbueren, Cloppenburg, Hannover, Beckum und Dallas, Texas



WDR 5: Jazz twenty 5: Trompeter Christian Kappe im Portrait

Live in WDR 3: Marc Brenken - Christian Kappe Quartett
"Resonanzen" auf WDR 3 mit Alex Morsey & Marcus Rieck

Konzerte mit Barbara Dennerlein & Bebap, u.a. in der Philharmonie Essen und der Glocke, Bremen

Jasper van't Hof & Hotlips Januartournee, Internat. Jazzfestival Warschau, Polen Deutschlandfunk – Radioaussendung und CD – Veröffentlichung „Live At Quasimodo"

Marc Brenken - Christian Kappe Duo beim Internationalen Jazzfestival Münster

Einladung zur „Jazz Ahead", der Internat. Jazz – Messeveranstaltung


CD release „Eight Short Stories" / Marc Brenken – Christian Kappe Quartet with Alex Morsey and Marcus Rieck

tour with Jasper van't Hof & Hot Lips and festival performances, with Bob Malach, Tony Lakatos, Bo Stief, Annie Withehead a.o.

performance during the cultural programme of the Fifa worldcup 2006 with Michael Gees

DVD Live – recording with Gregor Hildens Band

Various CD – releases. A.o. „Poetry & Jazz" with Peter Rühmkorf and "Hommage an Reinhard Döhl"



concerts and CD production "Neverneverland" with Jasper van't Hofs "Hot Lips" including Tony Lakatos and Annie Whitehead

CD live - recording and production "Live at Jazzclub Schlot" with the Christof Griese - Christian Kappe Quintet. The Quintet also is the winner of the German Jazz & Blues Award 2005

Poetry & Jazz: the WAF Jazz Ensemble meets the wonderful Peter Ruehmkorf, including CD - live - recording

Jazzfestival Wolfsburg with Barbara Dennerlein and Daniel Messina

Poetry & Jazz: with Marc Brenken & Andreas Ramstein: "Reinhard Doehl" CD - live - recording

Europhonics festival Dortmund with the Andreas Heuser Trio, WDR recording

teaching at the summer Jazz workshop in Dallas, Texas, USA



Autumn tour with Dutch pianist Jasper van't Hofs Pili PiliKonzerthaus Dortmund with Barbara Dennnerlein

Kappe – Brenken Duo / Klaus Fey & STREETSCENES plays several festivals as Hürth, Delmenhorst, Ingolstadt, Bremen, Marl, Coesfeld, Essen and Münster

CD release of Gregor Hilden's "Blue Hour"

The new Hans Martin Limberg – Christian Kappe Duo presents Jazz music at the pipe organ

Invitation to teach at the summer workshop in Marlborough, GB



2 new bands have been founded: the Christian Kappe – Marc Brenken Duo" and „Klaus Fey, Christian Kappe & STREETSCENES"

CD - release of the british saxofon hero Frank Mead (Bill Wyman, Gary Moore, Mick Jagger)

in cooporation with Mercedes Benz the company TDK has released the game "world racing", the music made by AUDIOWORX is featured worldwide

Peter Mullers CD „M-Vibez" has been launched

Festival „Essen Original" with Barbara Dennerlein & Bebab

MIB Festival Bremen, recorded and broadcasted by Radio Bremen

the recordings of the new albums of Gregor Hilden and Andreas Heuser are finished



invitation to teach at International Jazzcamps in Los Angeles and Dallas, USA including faculty as Tim Ishi, Lou Carfa (Maynard Ferguson), Cedar Walton and Kent Ellingson

festival appearances as Jazzfestival Potsdam with Christof Griese, Jazz Rally Duesseldorf with Barbara Dennerlein, Breminale with Klaus Fey and Florian Poser

Allan Vizutti as a visiting artist at the conservatory Leipzig

CD recording of CLOCKWORKGOD



CD – release of Florian Zenker – Christian Kappe 4tet „The Merry-Go-Round After Dark"

International Jazz Festival Muenster, Germany, recorded and broadcasted by WDR and DLF

Jazz – scholarship by the city of Frankfurt to the European Jazz Project

invitation to teach at International Jazzcamps in Los Angeles and Dallas, USA including faculty as Tom Scott and Garry Pratt


seit 2000

Christian has been a member of hammond organ player Barbara Dennerlein (verve recording artist), with concerts at several festivals as for example the Rheingau – Musikfestival, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Jazzfestival Gronau and many others

seit 2000

Christian has been teaching in the Jazz department of the Conservatory „Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig including faculty as pianist Richie Beirach. Christian has been teaching trumpet, ensemble, music history and Big Band sections

2000 Zenker – Kappe 4tet touring Iceland and recording of a new CD

Jazzfestival Ibiza, Spain, Leverkusener Jazztage

CD – release „Jazzpodium Ruhr / Swing Beats"


chosen best soloist by the audience of the International Jazz competition in Getxo / Bilbao, Spain while winning the first place with his 4tet in the band competition

appearance at the International Jazzfestival Muenster

invitation by the Comunity College Vancouver to play in an multinational Big Band in Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver, Canada. The band was led by Hugh Fraser and Graham Collier (Royal Academy, London)

CD release of the European Jazz Project featuring Silvia Droste and Martijn Sohier

Tour to Moskow and Rjasan, Rissia with a classical brass quintet



Tour to Colombia, Latin America with concerts at the International Jazzfestival Bogotá, the Park - Festival, concerts in Cali and Bucaramanga with the Zenker – Kappe 4tet

invitation by the Comunity College Vancouver to play in an multinational Big Band in Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver, Canada. The band was led by Hugh Fraser, Ian McDougall (Boss Brass) and Slide Hampton

CD release of "It's Green", Mons Records / Zenker – Kappe 4tet

premiere of Kenny Wheelers latest suite for large ensemble in Banff, Canada including Kenny Wheeler as the featured solist and teacher of masterclasses



winner of the International Dutch Jazz competition in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

winner of the German Jazz competition, winning a CD production with the MDR, Leipzig, featuring music by the 4tet and Lutz Haeffner

International North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands

masterclass with Kenny Wheeler at the Banff Centre, Canada

tour through South Africa with the German jazz orchestra led by Peter Herbolzheimer

CD release "Focus On Vocals", German Jazz Orchestra, winning the „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik"

tour to St. Petersburg and Moskow, Russia with the Big Band Rotterdam



start of the „Florian Zenker- Christian Kappe 4tet" with Florian Zenker (git, Germany), Gulli Gudmundsson (bass, Iceland) and Eddy Lammerding (drums / The Netherlands)
touring Poland with the Natasza Kurek Group
tour through Hungaria as a guest soloist of the Jazz Orchestra Sachsen led by Eberhard Weise


winning a scholarship from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA
study at the Berklee College Of Music, Boston, USA, classes with Ed Tomassi and Greg Hopkins
concerts with canadian vibraphonist Matthias Lupri in the US

1994-1998 steady member of the German jazz Orchestra led by Peter Herbolzheimer

study at the Royal Conservatory The Hague and the Conservatory Rotterdam, The Netherlands (teachers: Ack van Rooijen, Eric Vloeimans, Jarmo Hoogendijk and At van Zon (Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest)


Since 1990

Christian had lessons with John Abercrombie, Arild Andersen, Uli Beckerhoff, Ruediger Baldauf, Lin Biviano, Bobby Burgess, Jon Eardley, Wolfgang Engstfeld, Rachel Gould, Andy Haderer, Ray Kotwica, Dave Liebman, Erik und Bart van Lier, Victor Mendoza, Jan Oosthof, Claudio Roditi, Ack van Rooijen, Bobby Shew, Markus Stockhausen, Jon Surman, John Taylor, Kenny Werner, Kenny Wheeler and others


winner of the Youth Jazz competion, NRW in the late 80ies lessons with Klaus Heimann, Uli Beckerhoff and Werner Jede in the early 80ies trumpet lessons with Fritz „Fitti“ Dermann and getting into contact with Jazz thanks to Big Band leader and teacher Karl Heinz Buhne

1971 born in Paderborn, Germany